Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Skinny Shaker

Cameron Macneil, a former editor with House & Home magazine, now has his own thriving design practice.  I'm loving the cabinets he calls "skinny shaker".  He specs them with a 1" trim and they're classic and modern all at the same time - a great look!  These images are from Cameron's instagram and to see more of his portfolio, head here.


Karena Albert said...

Very sleek and clean lines!!

The Arts by Karena

home before dark said...

Very disappointed. I was hoping the skinny shaker was going to be an quick and easy way to lose weight! I do like the look of the the smaller, thinner! trim.

My Notting Hill said...

home before dark - Too funny!! Don't I wish too…

Cindy Hattersley said...

I love that Skinny Shaker...clever!!!


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