Thursday, December 3, 2015

White House Historical Association Party with Genevieve Gorder

Who turns down an invitation from the White House Historical Association for an evening at the historic Decatur House with Genevieve Gorder and the former Executive Pastry Chef Roland Mesnier, especially when the invitation is a box full of goodies?  Not me! 

The event began on the first floor which featured a history of the gingerbread houses at the White House.  If you're like me and have failed at the graham cracker version, you will be in awe of an amazing gingerbread creation like this one - the largest one designed by Executive Chef Roland Mesneir!   My daughter and I had a chance to chat with the Executive Chef, who served the White House from 1979 - 2004, and learn more about his innovations to the art form.  He was fascinating and it was an honor to hear about his 25 years of service.

Here is a display of  the pets of the First Families, handmade of the best quality marzipan. There's a rooster and a pig among the crowd!

The party continued  upstairs, which was decorated throughout with winterland scenes in lit jars.

Lauren Liess and Daniela Shuffler of Aesthetic Oiseau were also at the party and we had a great time!  Genevieve Gorder is incredibly gracious and funny - just as you would expect from seeing her all these years on HGTV. 

The gift box I received included the 2015 Christmas Tree Ornament, which for the first time has an illuminating LED light in the design.  This year the theme honors the administration of Calvin Coolidge who became the first chief executive to preside over a public celebration of the Christmas holiday in 1923.  All the items on the ornament tree represent events from Coolidge's life and presidency.  Here's the back of the ornament showing the small switch with allows you to turn on the light. 

I think they hit a home run with the ornament design this year - you can get your 2015 White House Christmas Ornament at the White House Historical Association site here



Brandi said...

Such a wonderful opportunity!! So awesome that you went. Glad you had a great time!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Oh how cool is all that! Yes I would expect her to be a bundle of fun -one of the few HGTV hosts I can stand haha. Thanks for sharing!

Hartwood Roses said...

Thank you for bringing us along with you to the party!

Jennifer Sergent said...

sooo Jealous! The post office must have misplaced MY invitation, oh well! Looks like a gorgeous event, so glad I could see your pictures of it.

Xheyrae Fox said...

that was awesome party.. glad you came it feels like i was there too..
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