Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sunny Winter Day Reprise

A few years ago I put up 2 posts about this gorgeous home designed by Larry Hooke.  It proved to be very popular so I'm reprising it for anyone who missed it back in Dec 2013/Jan 2014.   The posts were originally titled "Sunny Winter Day" as the rooms reminded me of the colors of a cold, bright winter day.  I am still head-over-heels in love with this space.

(Photographer credit not known)


Linda Merrill said...

Wow, this is pretty. And gives me some great ideas for a new project I am hoping to sign. Great timing!!

Reviving Charm said...

Gorgeous! I am particularly fond of that first image, but overall its a beautiful home. Glad you reposted as I missed it the first time around.

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

This dose of spring is just what I need on this chilly day! Those murals are gorgeous.

Teacats said...

Perfect posting for such a gloomy day around here -- miserable cold rain!

Such a cozy, charming room -- thanks for sharing it!! :) Wonderful visual balance and setting!

Cheers! Jan at Rosemary Cottage

lsellers said...

I remember this room well. I made it my screensaver. If anyone can identify the fabric on the sofa and chairs, you would be my hero.

Rebecca (joe's mom) said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Yes, if anyone knows the fabric, or paint color on the bookshelves, that would be fantastic! I also wonder if that's a handpainted mural or handpainted wallpaper like deGournay.


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