Monday, November 9, 2009

The Response: Bloggers Whose Day Job is Different

Thanks for all the enthusiastic response to my post last week, "Calling Design Bloggers Whose Day Job is Different!" It was so interesting to not only to read about everyone's backgrounds, (there were attorneys, scientists, stay-at-home moms, consultants, engineers, etc.) but also your passion and interest in interior design. Some bloggers are already starting or planning for careers in the field while others have a sense it will remain a much beloved hobby. I think these bloggers comments sum it up:

"Blogging has been a wonderful experience. To meet so many people that share your passion is such an amazing gift." Charlie of Charlie's Design Diary

"I have really enjoyed how blogging has allowed me to be more connected with like minded people both on the blogosphere and in person..." Beth of Chinoiserie Chic

"I had no idea that there were so many people out there who were as interested in all of the minutia that make a home a beautiful place, from the architecture to the design to the subtle things that make a house a home." Things That Inspire

Here's a listing of all the bloggers who commented, along with a very brief description. Hope you enjoy visiting their great blogs!

HeddyShea - construction and expectant stay at homemom

Leila - project managment consultant

Decor Addict - corporate travel agent and mom - currently on maternity leave

Windlost - technical engineer in a petrochemical company research center, degree in chemical engineering, specialising in petrochemicals and polymers

PVE - artist and mom (and designer of this blog's banner!)

Spark! (Ada-Marie) - corporate attorney and mom

Beth of Style Redux / Chinoiserie Chic - former attorney, mom

Brilliant Asylum - accounting in a family business, interior designer by training

Blue Hydrangea - stay at home mom

Aesthetic Oiseau - web designer and project manager

Bryn Alexandra - advertising - making commercials, started interior decorating business - Bryan Alexandra Interiors

Beth @ The Stories of A to Z - former counselor, stay at home mom

Melissa Powar - employment lawyer

Red Door Home - mom and owner of a sewing business

Thomas of My White Shirt - accounting manager in large construction firm, home staging business

Deborah of Boxwood Terrace - insurance broker

Marina - fomer lab researcher with degree in Biochem/microbiology, sales marketing, currently studying interior design in London

Name is Grace - stay at home mom

Things That Inspire - former technology consultant and mom

Charlie of Charlie's Design Diary - internet security specialist (anti-virus and cryptology)

Janis of White Alder Home- on maternity leave from job in special education

Wanderluster of Rambling Renovators- on maternity leave from job as a project manager/consultant

JeanetteS - corporate job

Hello Lover...of all things beautiful - pediatric intensive care nurse

Diane Dorrans Saeks of The Style Saloniste - design book author, design editor

V - lawyer

Jenn of Department of the Interior DC - digital public relations

Janet of All Trades- customer service for design related firm

Felicity Slater of Far Away Felicity- tax lawyer

Jill of Forever Cottage - degree in marketing, worked in non-profit management, mom

Maddie G Design - CPA, fund management in private equity firm, mom

Also thank you to these bloggers who are in the design field and who left kind comments of encouragement: Lauren of Pure Style Home, Maria of Colour me Happy, Pamela from The House of Edward, and Janell of Isabella & Max. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone!

Pictures are from one of my very favorite houses - to see more of this house in New South Wales, click here. (Image via House and Garden Australia, owner/designer Suzanne Dougall, photographer Michael Wee.)


Unknown said...

Fascinating post! Thanks! Have a sweet day!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Such an interesting post. Hugs, Marty

Red Door Home said...

I am looking forward to visiting all the blogs on your list. It has amazed me from the beginning how generous the blogging world is to sharing ideas and connecting to others.

Beth Connolly said...

Michele-This was such a great idea for a post and follow-up post. I look forward to checking out each and every blog. Thanks! Beth of Style Redux and Chinoiserie Chic

vicki archer said...

Great question and great answers....xv

C+SK said...

My goodness, I feel like I have falled off the edge of the earth... I am SOOO behind reading posts that I am actually embarrassed to leave any comments anymore... :-(

I did have to stop here and say what a great post!!! Had I seen the other one in time, I would have chipped in (you know, between 2 jobs, feeding my baby girl, or the dog, or just falling asleep on the sofa halfway of typing...).

I have found so many people whose day jobs are so different and then there is this "second" life they lead which takes them to travel miles just to go to a particular shop or market or antiques fair - I love it!!!

My story is not as exciting, I'm afraid - I have a masters degree in egyptian archaeology and that was indeed my day job for about a decade - while secretly collecting interior design magazines.

Then one day decided to quit the academia, started a diploma in interior design and went to work for an architect.

Now I manage a fabulous shop which sells fantastic home decor and furniture AND work for an architect as an interior design consultant (yes, that is 6 days of my week - I know, I'm crazy).

Once I have a minute (or two) - I'm certainly going to go through your list here! :-)

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Brilliant idea. I am always fascinated by what fellow bloggers do for a living. I have met so many talented, kind people that it has truly amazed me. The world has become a wee bit smaller and a whole lot more caring. Fabulous post Michele ~

Beth Dunn said...

Gorgeous pictures!!! xoxo


Unknown said...

I have worked over the last years part time as interior decorator and started only 9 month ago to blog. I have studied art before and was a midwife in Germany....
I am a fulltime mom and now almost fulltime working!
Such interesting posts, and I did not answer, because I felt, my day job is in decorating, I you go, some things still pass me by.....
Where we all come from and what drives us, fabulous!
Great photos!

Beth@The Stories of A to Z said...

What a fun collection of bloggers! Thanks for putting this together for all of us.

Leila said...

Ahhh that first pic I love! That home may move up to the top of my favorites list!

And I agree with everyone - fun idea for a post, and I can't wait to check out the other blogs!

Jennifer said...

missed this last week, but great to read the responses. I'll admit to being quite nosy/curious about this before.

for the record, I am an assistant editor/producer for a magazine's Web site. we do cover decorating, but also much more that I know much less about :)

Annie, bossy color said...

This is fascinating, Michele! Thank you so much for the compilation. Go, design bloggers, go - no matter WHAT you do between 9 and 5!

Windlost said...

What a great list of accomplished decor addicts!

It is so nice to know I am not the only one grinding away in the office all day, only to dream of decorating at night!

xo Terri

Susie @ Maddie G Designs said...

Thanks so much for including me, especially since my blog isn't up at the moment. The link will be and should be back up mid December.

Thanks again....I am having so much fun looking at all of these blogs!

LindsB said...

What a great list, its always interesting to see what people do during the day and if blogging has anything to do with it :)

Thomas said...

it is a fascinating post. thanks for the mention

you always find the greatest pictures. love them!


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