Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seashell Mirrors

There's something about a seashell mirror that's a bit magical. I lean towards more is definitely more when it comes to seashells. Has me wondering if I've collected enough over the years to get out the hot glue gun myself. Do you have a seashell mirror? Image above via Sally Lee by the Sea

image from The Sunny Sunflower House
Designer Charles Faudere via Zuniga Interiors blog.
image via Seaside Style
I snapped a picture of these shell mirrors last year while visiting in Wynn Alex in San Francisco. Rather like the grouping of the small mirrors with the large one.


Boxwood Terrace said...

Great selections, Michele. I'm also intriqued by seashell mirrors and did a post this winter about the work of seashell artist Peggy Green. She does amazing work.

under spanish moss said...

Love the combination of the large and small shell mirrors. Shell mirrors have so much character.

Karena said...

Michele, I don't have one, however these are gorgeous. The round one is very fun!

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The French Tangerine said...

Oh, I love this post! I have admired shell mirrors for years and recently helped my mom hang one in her new home in Florida! Finally, a perfect spot!

Unknown said...

Don't have one but love them....smiles.

AnneHH said...

Love them so much! The images you have posted are beautiful. I made one with a white IKEA mirror, a glue gun and some really pretty shells and hung it in the lounge I set up for my teens. I worried that they would be rough-housing and it would get broken but the boys are both out of college now and the mirror is pristine. I found this a fun project and a wonderful reminder of our annual family trips to the beach.

chrisartist said...

These mirrors are beautiful.
I collect sea glass and shell from our beaches.

Unknown said...

I have a collection too and I've pondered the same thing. Someday, when I have time.....! Love them.

Joanna said...

Cool selections of mirror design! Love the concept. Check out also 3D Rendering

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I have a sea shell mirror in the guest room surrounded by fish plates. Love it.

William Arthur Blog Team said...

Just beautiful!!


I have been thinking about doing one...I wonder if the hot glue would hold it? Sometimes that stuff melts when it gets really hot and I would be worried about a shell falling off. Of course they are so expensive that it is still worth it to try one on your own.


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