Monday, March 12, 2018

My Wall Mural from Photowall & Reader Discount!

I've always admired wall murals but never took the plunge. That all changed when PHOTOWALL of Sweden gifted me with a mural.  No excuses now!  While I was indecisive about where to hang one in my house, I knew exactly where I wanted it to go in our vacation place.  (Still need to post pics of the new place.)  The living room is 13'W and 26"L and there's a long expanse of wall between two windows.  Now, it was time to figure out what the mural should be!   PHOTOWALL has a huge selection but I came across this painting by Charles-Francois Daubigny, The Dunes at Camiers 1871, and fell in love with it.  The Minneapolis Institute of Art has a downloadable version but I found one on Wikipedia with an even higher dpi and had it enlarged to 183 cm x 150 cm (about 72" x 59").

The process for using your own image is really simple and there's a convention option to let you keep the original proportions.  I chose the Premium Material which has a nice matte finish. It's made of a non-woven material and has a further layer added to it to which makes the material scratch-resistant, wipe clean and non-reflective. They deliver worldwide and use DHL for US delivery.  Love DHL, by the way, because they contact you via email/text and let you change your delivery date and also pick the option "not at home" for delivery if you'd like. 

The wallpaper paste (powder form) comes with the mural and I ordered the kit which has all the tools you need, including this nifty level with a pull-out measuring tape.  The panels are numbered and they have a great video you can watch. The key is to get that first panel level and straight. My husband and I put it up together and no major squabbles while doing I think that says a lot about how do-able it is! (yep, that's a pizza helps everything)

Here it is!!

Now with some furniture back in place.  Which, by the way, are all cast-aways from our current house, except for the greek key rug which I recently bought at Carpet Palace Bethesda - THE best place in the DC area for remnants.  I'll be slipcovering the sofa, hopefully soon.

The quality of the mural is excellent and I couldn't be happier with it!  If you were like me and wanted a mural but weren't ready to take the plunge, PHOTOWALL is giving My Notting Hill readers a 20% discount for the next 30 days only.  Just enter the coupon code MyNottingHillCampaign2018. 

If you're not interested in using your own image, here are a just a few that are available from Photowall's Designer Wallpaper selection.


Anne Hardock said...

Oh, the mural is gorgeous! I love it and where you put it. PERFECT! Congratulations on your new vacation home.

Annapolady said...

Gorgeous room.


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