Friday, March 21, 2008

Chicago's Mecox Gardens - Sumptuous color, statues galore & great bar vignettes

A business trip to Chicago led to a visit to Mecox Garden's Chicago location - WOW! First let me say that store manager, Kenneth Chrzastek, is absolutely the best. Friendly, informative and a very gracious host to have let me spend an indulgent hour enjoying the store and snapping photo after photo. (And, I should mention the staff at the Dallas store were great too). The furniture and lamp colors are vibrant and warm and a gorgeous, rich yellow is featured throughout the store. Everywhere your eye lands, you notice unusual and beautifully crafted animal figures as well as bar vignettes (one of Kenneth's touches and something I also love and posted previously about.) If you're in Chicago, this is a must-see store. Mecox Gardens - we could really use you here in D.C.!

Love these jade accent pieces - the Dallas store had a great collection too.

This lamp is beautiful - this photo doesn't do it justice.

Kenneth mentioned that Zeus, and a number of their other statues, can be placed outdoors too!
Love the juxtaposition of these two figures.

Horse lovers - the antique horse above is $125 and the vintage horse below is $195.


Style Court said...

One of my favorite stores :)

London Calling said...

The blue setee is killing me! So awesome and I am usually not a blue person. Digging the intaglio boxes sooooo much! Thanks for the tour.

Kwana said...

I'm crazy for the cream and red chair. Crazy!

annechovie said...

Great photos! I am eager to visit a Mecox Gardens somewhere - I absolutely love so many of their pieces, especially the gold bamboo obelisk-type etagere. LOVE IT! Thanks for the tour of the visual treasures!

pve design said...

Wait, let me get a tissue to wipe the drivel as I drool over these photos.
Love that blue settee as well as the blue lamps. Come to think of it - love it all!

/// said...

You have a LOVELY blog! :)

My Notting Hill said...

Thanks for all the comments - I had "withdrawal" after I left the store so it's fun to post about it.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

man, those intaglio boxes are just so cool!

Fiona Cartolina said...

Great photos Michele - I wish I could pop over to that store this afternoon! Love the iron lamp with the 2 birds - really intriguing and unusual. These photos make me feel like i am strolling through the store - just great!

Alkemie said...

WOW, I absolutely LOVE all of the photos of great stores you bringing to us. Thank you for taking us with you! Great coverage and lots of eye candy for sure.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

I love the pictures from this store I will have to check it out, my next trip to Chicago.

T8 said...

Great blog. If you're in the mood for Mecox, I wrote a review on my website, Strange Closets ( It's located in the "This Week At . . ." section. It's a tremendous store and River North is an incredible neighborhood if you like design (and a 2 minute walk for me from work).


bestonline323 said...

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