Monday, June 29, 2009

What about Beige?

Considering I live in the DC area, I'm not sure how it took me 2 years to check out And Beige, a very chic interiors store focusing on muted, natural tones with a surprise or two thrown in. Accent pieces are a stand-out here. I've seen a lot of hour glasses lately and I'm loving these.

The view out the front window; the store which opened in 2007 is located in the Adams Morgan section of DC. Love this artful arrangement of mirrors and the very curvy bureau below.

A nod to the Washington Monument - this inlaid obelisk would be a great souvenir for a design savvy DC tourist.
Not sure if this is wallpaper or a stencil, but love the subtle pattern on this wall.
Great "trayscape" - a good reminder to consider combining interesting objects in their own vignette. I really enjoyed my visit to And Beige. Whoever said beige was boring! - not.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dreamy Seaside Bedroom

I'm stuck - stuck on the magazine Nuevo Estilo and this dreamy seaside bedroom. As I think about why I love it so much here's what comes to mind: the relatively unadorned white walls, the white washed wicker chairs, the metal X-base table and the gray sheet. For some reason I love that gray sheet.

The view doesn't hurt. Either one - the paintings or the ocean.
Usually not a fan of vessel sinks, but I like this one off to one side on this large bureau. It appears this part of the bathroom is open to the room, off to an alcove on the side. Notice the full curtains at the entry to the walk-in closet - a clever way to repeat the treatment at the sliding glass doors (in the first pic.)

And then this - this is high end outdoor living. To see more of this sophisticated home - click here. Have a great weekend!!

All photos by Nuevo Estillo, I was unable to locate the photographer or designer's names.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thank you La Dolce Vita & the "Spanish Domino"

Thank you to Paloma of the very stylish blog La Dolce Vita for featuring me in her series, Personal Style Defined. I was surprised to be asked and flattered all at once. Thanks! Just to give you a sense of Paloma's keen eye, back in March she scouted out the spanish magazine Nuevo Estilo and wisely described it as "if Domino and Elle Decor had ever had a love child, it would have been this publication." Here's just a few images from this terrific magazine - go here to check out more in Paloma's post on Spanish Style. (all images from Nuevo Estilo)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

LA Curb Appeal & Thom's "W"

Just a few more pics from LA to share. Eyebrow windows are my favorite and this one is attached to an absolutely charming house. Love the curved hedges and the very simple fencing combined with the brick columns. Oh why did I only take two pictures!!

While in LA I stayed at the W in Westwood. Thom Filicia was involved in the design of the hotel - you can read about his approach here. The built in L shaped seating was a terrific use of space in my small suite. The mini-gallery of art work was interesting and the movable overhead lamp was surprisingly convenient and effective.

The size of a small closet, this built-in-bar featured a wood countertop covered in thick glass. The drawers pulled out and the fridge was behind the cupboard door. This reversable pillow was a fun touch - at night it can be turned to "dream"

Thom's newest book!

American Beauty: Renovating and Decorating a Beloved Retreat

Friday, June 19, 2009

Upcycling Part 2: $400 chair becomes $2000+

Location, location, location. When you're in LA do you think of Pasadena? Next time I'm in LA I will. I received an email from Angela Lee of Bonita Interiors (upstairs in The Pasadena Antique Center) wondering if I might be able to stop by while I was in LA. Unfortunately I couldn't but I asked her to email some photos - turns out her store is full of terrific upcycled vintage pieces.

I happened to mention I loved one of the chairs pictured below (for reasons of discretion I won't say exactly which one.) Well interestingly enough, it was purchased by a well known designer for $400 and is now on 1st dibs for $2000+. A good reminder that there are great pieces in vintage/consignment stores and that finding them as close to the source is best.

Love both these bureaus! The chair to the right looks like it's upholstered in Imperial Trellis fabric . Also love the two framed block prints below.
The other day I mentioned the desk from Ruff & Ready - courtesy of Domicidal Maniac's great eye. Below is a stainless steel and brass Neoclassical coffee table I bought at an estate sale for $5!! Yes, I'll need to replace the glass and polish off the rust but for $5 I was over the moon.
The red lampshade is from the side of the road. I'm in the process of painting it as it gives off a crazy orange glow. The shade is on an armless 2 seat sofa I bought for $425 from Capital Consignment in Bethesda, MD. It has down filled cushions and was the exact size I was looking for. It's in pristine condition but the yellow doesn't work in the room so I'm planning to slipcover it in white linen. Hopefully soon...

What are you currently upcycling?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Garden Consultation - Perennially Yours

The highlight of my visit to The Philadelphia Flower Show was hearing Kerry Mendez of Perennially Yours speak. Her business is dedicated to teaching gardeners how to create low-maintenance, ever-blooming perennial gardening. That's my idea of a dream garden! Kerry has been featured on HGTV and many publications including Fine Gardening, Garden Gate, How-To Gardening, Country Gardens, and Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living from Better Homes and Gardens.

Kerry's presentation was not only fun and entertaining but highly informative. So much so that my designer friend Anne Hardock of Dwellings by Design arranged a day of on-site garden consultations with Kerry! These gorgeous pictures are all of Kerry's garden in Ballston Spa, NY. I love the mix of plants and the relaxed and welcoming feel. My garden is the exact opposite of hers - and in serious need of expert advice.
In my one hour garden consultation, Kerry discussed my goals, including colors and preferred types of plants. She designed and sketched a complete front garden plan with exact locations for each plant as well as gave me planting solutions for a shaded area and a section by our pool that is its own micro-desert. Kerry also surveyed my existing plants and identified better places to relocate them to. I'm excited to finally have plants where they're supposed to be - you know- plants that need partial shade not baking out in the sun!

What I also loved about my garden consultation is that Kerry is an independent advisor and is not in the business of selling and installing. I can now go about implementing the plan on my own, staging things to go along with my budget and time. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will post some pics of my progress. Kerry is also available for virtual consultations. Click here for more info - her current hourly consultation fee is $65.

Here we are at the end of a very happy and productive day enjoying a wonderful dinner in Anne's newly built and designed screened porch. I'm taking the photo, Anne is first on the left and Kerry is at the end of the table.
Anne has a gorgeous porch. Here's a sneak peak photo. I'm planning to do a whole post on it soon.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Upcycling Part 1: Thank you Domicidal Maniac!

Sunday 1:50 pm - Visit Domicidal Maniac. Oggle over his extremely tasteful and refined apartment and then move over to his Saturday post on Shop Talk. Heart skips multiple beats when I see THIS desk! I've been trolling Craigslist and consignment stores for months looking for something exactly like this. Here's Scott's comments: This desk is beautiful -the hardware, legs, leather top!!! With a little love this could make for a very smart work space! Oh, I whole heartedly agree.
Sunday 2:05 pm - Call Ruff & Ready (no website, 202.667.7833, 1908 14th St. NW DC) Talk to the owner, Bill. I must sound like a crazed nutcase as I'm explaining I just saw his desk on Domicidal Maniac and I've been wanting one like this forever and does he, I hope, still have it?? We go back and forth. I give a description. Bill's not sure. I say the magical words, "It's pictured on a gray pavement." Bill responds, "Yes, it's out on the sidewalk."
Sunday 2:20 pm - Back and forth, checking measurements with Bill and Al. Buy it over the phone. Bill tells me, "We can deliver it tonight if you'd like?"

Sunday 8:05 pm - A pick-up truck pulls up to my house. The desk is home! $257, including delivery, and I'm in upcycling heaven. Love the ridged brass panels that flank each side of all four corners. Love the hardware and the brass rims, the fluted legs, and the brass bottom-things! Can't wait till next weekend to start working on this.
I am indebted to Scott for his post. Love when blogs are not just fun to read but also extremely helfpul! Here are some more pics of Scott's stylish apartment. I don't think he could have styled this photo any better than here, with his color-coordinated dog peering over the couch.

Love the pairing of this chair w/the painted tub, marble floor and blue/gray tile.
And a huge thank you to to Stefan of Architect Design. He threw a blogger high tea where I met Scott of Domicidal Maniac and a number of other terrific DC bloggers. Each blogger received a very thoughtful treat - a cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes.
Check out these DC bloggers:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Twall Y'all

Love, love this "twall" pattern on Bungalow Company's Twall Y'all Junque Trunk. It's a super sturdy 24 X 15 X 15 container that has a zippered bottom that allows it to be folded completely flat. I am totally enamored with their beachy lime green/blue toile that I scoured the internet to see if it came in wallpaper or fabric. As far as I can tell it doesn't.

This junque trunk is doing duty just inside one of the french doors in our family room. Since the basement entry is a bit under-continuing-construction this door is handling all the traffic from our pool. Hoping it will encourage people to drop off their shoes & wet towels...

I bought the first one at a local store and ordered another one and a taller, hamper sized version from Amazon. Here's some more pics of the pattern. Too cute!


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